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For Businesses Big and Small, Liquidity is a Must

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Many businesses fail not because they couldn’t find customers, or didn’t offer a good product that solves a pressing pain, but instead   because they run into liquidity issues. Running a business isn’t cheap, even when you’re producing solid revenues, and customers are loving your products.  Sometimes unexpected costs crop up, or sometimes a client doesn’t pay a bill on time, or perhaps you just made an accounting mistake. In these situations, among others, a business might not have enough cash to keep the doors open.

Liquidity issues are common and can be fatal. Let’s assume there’s no money in your bank accounts. That means you can’t buy new supplies to create more products, can’t pay your staff, or run advertising campaigns, and can’t pay for other basic business functions. Staff can quit, and in a competitive marketplace customers can quickly move on and forget about your business.

Even a seemingly temporary liquidity crunch can create a downward spiral that can quickly push a company out of business. Liquidity problems don’t have to be the end of your business, however. A business cash advance can keep your company in the green by providing you with a cash injection.

How A Cash Advance Will Work For Your Business

With a cash advance you can gain access to vital resources (cash) quickly, and can keep the lights on and your business in operation. Our cash advances for business are particularly favorable because the application process can be completed in three business days or less, features no fees, and payments can be deducted directly from your customers’ credit card purchases.

Just about any business can apply for a cash advance. Some of PJGLOBAL’s current customers include physicians and dentists, as well as hotels, gas stations, and retail stores. Cash advances are available for many different businesses, from large, established companies, to mom & pop shops.

With a business cash advance, your debts are repaid with a percentage of your business’s cash flows. This means that there are not fixed payments, and as a result your business will be less likely to suffer another liquidity crunch in the future. For this reason, among others, many businesses prefer a cash advance to traditional business loans from banks.

Liquidity Crunches Can Happen To The Best Companies

Don’t lose sleep over a temporary cash crunch. Even the best business managers, or the most competent doctors or dentists, or whoever, can run into liquidity problems. Sometimes, you do all the right things and then an expensive piece of machinery unexpectedly breaks, or a busted water main floods your office, or whatever. Or perhaps you have unexpected medical bills or other issues that need to be handled in your personal life. Unexpected emergencies, unfortunately, are a common cause for failed businesses. Luckily, a cash advance for your business can keep your business running.

If your business is facing a cash crunch, don’t get down on yourself. Running a business is no easy task. Think of it this way, many of the world’s best business schools, such as Harvard and the University of Chicago, are also among the hardest schools to get into, and attract the best and the brightest minds. Simply put, you need a lot of brains to manage a business and sometimes even the best business leaders and the most successful companies can be overwhelmed.

If you’re facing a liquidity crisis, keep a clear mind, remain upbeat, and start planning how to turn things around. And if you can’t raise the cash yourself, consider a business cash advance.


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