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Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring from PJGLOBAL FUNDING allows business owners to turn B2B invoices due in 15 to 90 days into instant cash.

We pride ourselves on quick approval times, no long-term contracts, and with us there are never any hidden fees. Plus we offer credit lines from $20K to $2.5 million!

How Invoice Factoring Works
  1. Business owner (Client) sells $1,000 worth of toothbrushes to Walmart (Debtor) which agrees to pay the Client in 30 days.

  2. The Factor (us)  advances 85%-90% of the invoice value ($850-$900) to Client. Factor notifies Walmart to re-direct it’s payment to us at the end of 30 days.

  3. When 30 days pass, Walmart pays $1,000 to us.

  4. We then remit the remaining $100-$150 back to the client, minus $1.2% to 4.0% in fees accrued over 30 days.

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